2 verb
1 [transitive] to trick someone into believing something that is not true:
Even art experts were fooled.
you don't/can't fool me
You can't fool me with that old excuse.
be fooled by something
Don't be fooled by appearances.
fool somebody into doing something
I was fooled into believing their promises.

fool yourself

to try to make yourself believe something that you know is not really true:
It's no good fooling yourself. He's not coming back.

you could have fooled me

spoken used to show that you do not believe what someone has told you:
'Look, we're doing our best to fix it.' 'Well, you could have fooled me.'

somebody is just fooling

spoken used to say that someone is not serious and is only pretending that something is true [= somebody is just kidding]:
Don't pay any attention to Henry. He's just fooling.

fool around

phrasal verb
1 to waste time behaving in a silly way or doing things that are not important [= mess around]:
He always used to fool around in class.
2 to behave in a way which is careless and not responsible [= mess around]
fool around with
Some idiot's been fooling around with the electricity supply!
3 American English to spend time doing something that you enjoy, but that does not have a particular purpose [= mess around]:
The boys were out in the yard, just fooling around.
4 to have a sexual relationship with someone else's wife, boyfriend etc [= mess around]:
She found out that he'd been fooling around behind her back.

fool with something

phrasal verb
1 to touch or play with something, especially when you should not [= mess with something]:
Who's been fooling with the radio dial?
2 to become involved in something which could cause damage or be dangerous [= mess with something]

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