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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoolhardyfool‧har‧dy /ˈfuːlhɑːdi $ -ɑːr-/ adjective  STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEtaking stupid and unnecessary risks syn reckless a foolhardy attempt to capture more territoryfoolhardiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
foolhardyHolding onto a moving car while wearing skates is illegal and foolhardy.The country was in such huge debt that any spending proposals looked foolhardy.He accepted he'd been grossly stupid and foolhardy.I thought the idea was totally foolhardy.As you said, it is in the nature of young men to be foolhardy and impetuous.Small wonder if their son grew up with a taste for chivalrous pursuits, warlike deeds and sometimes foolhardy enterprise.Call it foolhardy or brilliant or shocking or crazy.I drove to the hospital at a foolhardy speed, arriving just after my wife.Alarmed, and thinking that my President needed me, I dashed to get there, driving at foolhardy speed.It was foolhardy to take the plane up alone, with so little flying experience.It would be foolhardy to try and reach Chimneys, alone and on foot, in this weather.
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