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foot soldier/patrol

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoot soldier/patrolfoot soldier/patrolPMAa soldier or group of soldiers that walks and does not use a horse or a vehicle foot
Examples from the Corpus
foot soldier/patrolDreben says that he never talks about his experiences as a foot soldier, but they were certainly horrific.Each foot soldier also carried a bow, twelve arrows and a spare bowstring as standard equipment.The columns included foot soldiers, artillery and cavalry units, white-topped sup-ply wagons, and dark-hued ambulances.These were organized into four divisions of foot soldiers and about 500 light cavalry.In such cases, the environment provides foot soldiers with confusing signals regarding the acceptable level and forms of political activism.Hayworth is one of the many first-term Republican foot soldiers who proudly fall into lockstep behind Rep.Barbarossa's foot soldiers were often still attired like this eleventh-century warrior.It is important to emphasize any explanation of the foot soldiers is highly contingent upon the environment in which they are operating.
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