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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfootloosefoot‧loose /ˈfʊtluːs/ adjective  FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTfree to do exactly what you want because you have no responsibilities, for example when you are not married or do not have children footloose students traveling around Europe When the kids leave home, you’ll be footloose and fancy-free (=free and without worries).
Examples from the Corpus
footlooseMen propping up the bar over lunch will bewail the loss of earlier freedoms when they were footloose and fancy free.I suspect that most of the inhabitants are footloose and shiftless.It was true he was footloose, and unmarried.Secondly, high technology industries are footloose - products such as microchips are easy to transport, and thrive in a clean environment.Europe is filled with footloose students every summer.
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