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footpathfoot‧path /ˈfʊtpɑːθ $ -pæθ/ ●●○ noun [countable] especially British English  TTDLa narrow path for people to walk along, especially in the country syn trail American English
Examples from the Corpus
footpathThey followed the coastal footpath into the village.There is no cover for damage to terraces, patios, driveways, footpaths, garden walls and hedges.Easily Accessible: There are many footpaths around the farm.It is connected by public footpaths with the Durlston Country Park.The route follows public footpaths and bridleways for the most part which are signed conventionally with yellow marks for footpaths, blue for bridleways.There are over 1,000 miles of public footpaths within the national park boundaries.The air is filled with a dingo's howl, the footpaths alive with the poisonous snakes on their slithering nocturnal hunt.The unwary movement caused her foot to slip on the footpath made muddy by the overnight rain.The footpaths are muddy, the huts are dusty and several of them are under much-needed renovation.The route is waymarked throughout its length and uses footpaths, sections of disused railway line and some minor roads.
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