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for a start

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor a startfor a startFIRST British English informal used to emphasize the first of a list of facts or opinions you are stating Well, for a start, the weather was horrible. start
Examples from the Corpus
for a startRyan Stromsborg, a sophomore from Notre Dame High, is challenging for a starting spot in the infield and outfield.They were small groups for a start.You won't like my hair, for a start.Lovejoy himself is firmly in the tradition of the likeable rogue - no first name for a start.For instance, a trip to the seaside is out for a start.I had no religion for a start, though I had developed respect for the Church through knowing Monsignor.Pretty strong inns all along the coach road, for a start.You have to understand that, for a start.I don't think she'll get the job. She's too young, for a start.
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