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for each/every

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor each/everyfor each/everyused to say that there is a relationship between one amount and another For each mistake, you’ll lose half a point. For every three people who agree, you’ll find five who don’t. for
Examples from the Corpus
for each/everyIn 1988 for every 25 writs issued, one case was determined by trial.There is a different price factor for each eligible bond and for each delivery month.Whole groups of state-owned enterprises would be sold, with the Council of Ministers being responsible for each enterprise on offer.She cautioned that for every fire reported, eight go unreported, because local jurisdictions can contain them without help.Log files are kept for every log-in session for every student management system user.The metric tensor requires one transformation for each of its indices.We identified the actions that you originally saw as negative for each person on the management committee.Separate assessment instruments for each unit?
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