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for good measure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor good measurefor good measureADDin addition to what you have already done, given, or included Why don’t you try phoning them one more time, for good measure? measure
Examples from the Corpus
for good measureTake your governing body licence along for good measure.And let's add Godel for good measure.Network South East has its patriotic red, white, and blue bands with grey thrown in for good measure.I gave her a good strong look just for good measure.For the rest it's twenty five minutes of speed and skill ... and then two more laps for good measure.This pudding also includes a little cocoa powder for good measure.Add David Robinson for good measure.Even old Henry Spalding, who had returned to Lapwai in the spring, added his signature for good measure.Why don't you try calling them one more time, for good measure.
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