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for its own sake

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor its own sakefor its own sake (also something for something’s sake) if something is done for its own sake, it is done for the value of the experience itself, not for any advantage it will bring art for art’s sake sake
Examples from the Corpus
for its own sakeThis is an uneven show, driven by a concept that puts too much value on the different for its own sake.I can still aim at goodness for its own sake.Remember what Edward Abbey wrote about growth for its own sake.But Rothermere and Beaverbrook were not principally interested in the issue for its own sake.The content of education must therefore be that which men would wish to know for its own sake.Our mission is three-fold: To undertake basic research to advance knowledge for its own sake.Are you on the side of progress, or just plain old protest for its own sake?But Victor Amadeus seems to have had little interest in scholarship for its own sake.Weber says he is interested in writing for its own sake - an uncommon attitude in Hollywood these days.
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