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for laughs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor laughsfor laughs (also for a laugh British English) for fun We took the hot-air balloon ride, just for laughs. laugh
Examples from the Corpus
for laughsHe considered her good but unremarkable clothes, and wondered what she did for laughs.But it wasn't like I'd imagined - except for the long silences when I'd been hoping for laughs.To Stokes' credit, he had the wonderful sense to play it for laughs.We took the helicopter ride just for laughs.Just for laughs I had arranged to meet my husband in a department store.Williams plays the part for laughs.A game played for laughs rather than high scores has always been encouraged.In fiction, especially fiction that plays for laughs, the line between character and caricature can be dangerously thin.Instead, Seinfeld played them for laughs.
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