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for my/his part etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor my/his part etcfor my/his part etcOPINION formal used when saying what a particular person thinks or does, as opposed to other people For my part, I prefer living in the country. part
Examples from the Corpus
for my/his part etcCurtis, for his part, wished he felt as confident as he had tried to sound.Gates, for his part, says he tries not to stray too far from talking about technology.My grandfather, for his part, had found lodgings for the two boys through an advertisement in a church magazine.I for my part have some difficulty in accepting that.I, for my part, would take the second of the two roads.Kennedy, for his part, seemed open to the reasonable accommodation.Mr McLean, for his part, will offer a guilty plea to the charge of actual bodily harm.Nick, for his part, really wants to live.
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