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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor ... purposesfor ... purposesin a particular situation or when being considered in a particular way For tax purposes, you will be treated as a married couple. The details are, for the present purposes, irrelevant.for the purposes of something For the purposes of this book, America is taken to include the continent north of Mexico. purpose
Examples from the Corpus
For tax purposesIt is this larger amount that is taken into account for tax purposes.Cohabiting couples are not eligible for Married Couple's Allowance, and for tax purposes are regarded as two single people.It is not essential for an organisation to be registered with the Charity Commission to qualify as a charity for tax purposes.This tax on bank deposits is not deductible for tax purposes.Finally, rates are a deductible expense for tax purposes from company or partnership profits.Also record the pay figure for tax purposes on the P11 and P14.Taxpayers should note that the returns are not classified as income for tax purposes.The property they own has an assessed valuation for tax purposes of $ 1. 6 billion.
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