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for the attention of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the attention of somebodyfor the attention of somebodyused on the front of an official letter when you want a particular person to read it or deal with it Letters should be marked ‘for the attention of Joe Benson’. attention
Examples from the Corpus
for the attention of somebodyIf in doubt phone the newspaper office and ask where articles for the attention of the news editor should be sent.Students in the bed race compete with the Blackpool Belle for the attention of photographers at the Cabin in 1979. 3.A sage grouse in full mating display will compete for the attentions of females on the lek.The parents moved in couples, greeting one another with false enthusiasm and competing for the attention of the staff.Males compete with other males for the attentions of females; females then choose the most suitable males.
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