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for the good of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the good of somebody/somethingfor the good of somebody/somethingin order to help someone or improve a situation We must work together for the good of the community. Take the medicine – it’s for your own good! good
Examples from the Corpus
for the good of somebody/somethingOne presumes Waterloo then asked for the best of three for just qualifying for Bath is worth a minimum of £1,500.Recent scholarship suggests that the tactic of anonymity may have been employed for the best of reasons.The majority of what they do is not just worthwhile, but essential for the good of mankind.The marriage must be saved, she said, for the good of the children.But what if they were obliged to seek that elusive spring for the good of those they'd orphaned and anguished?He hopes he can count on your continued support, for the good of the campaign and of our country.Their inability to work together for the good of the republic would only increase the peoples' cynicism about government.All monies gathered will be used for the good of the elderly in the province.
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