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for the moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the momentfor the momentused to say that something is happening or is true now but will probably change in the future Well, for the moment we’re just friends. For the moment the rain had stopped. moment
Examples from the Corpus
for the momentFor the moment the city seems quiet, but the fighting could start again at any time.For the moment, we will ignore the question of whether the costs are reasonable.He himself had other plans, although for the moment he was keeping them fairly close to his chest.Organisationally, the investigation was under control and for the moment the focal point was Farnborough.He could please folk when he wanted to, and for the moment he did.Leave aside, for the moment, the question of whether it was justified in principle.Assuming for the moment that you did get the job, where would you live?But for the moment we shall look only at the last two of these vast subjects.Anything that is done for shock value has no future because it's done for the moment."How's your apartment?" "It's fine for the moment, but I'd rather live nearer town."Special provisions apply to the National Coal Board's operations, which can be ignored for the moment.You hold on to those for the moment.
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