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for the most part

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the most partfor the most partIN GENERALused to say that something is generally true but not completely true For the most part, people seemed pretty friendly. most
Examples from the Corpus
for the most partYou can get good deals there, for the most partThe concepts and practices of applied entomology for the most part date from that Stone Age of science.But for the most part he was a normal teenager who looked with confidence to the world soon to open to him.Discussion on the petition in Congress was heated and for the most part illogical.An engaging blend of poetic characterization and deductive reasoning, it was delivered for the most part in a weary monotone.For the most part, people seemed pretty friendly.The cell chemistry of these insects is, for the most part, poorly understood.However, they soon comprised, for the most part, Roma children who were denied access to mainstream education.For the most part, she's a fair person.Ethnic minorities have struggled to retain their cultural identity, and have for the most part succeeded.It had been a year of hardship and self-doubt, but for the most part the new managers had persevered.Various recommendations were advanced for making changes in the operational plan, but for the most part they got nowhere.
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