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for the sake of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the sake of somebody/somethingfor the sake of somebody/something (also for somebody’s/something’s sake)HELP in order to help, improve, or please someone or something He moved to the seaside for the sake of his health. I only went for Kay’s sake. I hope he’s told the truth for his own sake (=because it will be good for him). sake
Examples from the Corpus
for ... own sakeThe result was a frenzied rush for consumer goods, both for their own sake and as a hedge against inflation.In the best traditions of international competition she emphasized the importance of playing the game for its own sake.He rejects, it is true, the very idea of consistency in principle as important for its own sake.Embrace Innovative Decisions and Actions Top-performing organizations know the value of innovation for its own sake.Its proposed creation is another indication of an attitude in the Community of seeking integration for its own sake.But Rothermere and Beaverbrook were not principally interested in the issue for its own sake.SomebodyGodvalues it for its own sake and is glad that it exists.There also seems to be an interest in rules for their own sake.
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