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for the time being

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the time beingfor the time beingfor a short period of time from now, but not permanently Now, for the time being, she is living with her father in Tijuana. time
Examples from the Corpus
for the time beingFor the time being, Mrs Gilman's classes will be taken by other teachers.We both know that the burden for the time being is going to be on him and his paintings.But for the time being, at least, stick an asterisk next to this season.But for the time being, one has to be realistic.Although the government aims to encourage private enterprise, around one third of the economy will remain under state control, for the time being.Certainly, it rules out an easing for the time being.When it asks which formats it should play, let it take over everything for the time being.Bob's keeping his car in our garage for the time being.This will, hopefully, shift his focus from writing to acting, at least for the time being.The villagers' resistance has led to the plan being postponed for the time being.Tom is retired for the time being.
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