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for the use of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the use of somebodyfor the use of somebodyPROVIDEprovided for a particular person or group of people to use a bar for the use of the guests use
Examples from the Corpus
for the use of somebodyIn any case, I returned to my notes, hereto appended for the use of the reader.We believe that these results have important consequences for the use of d 3C A as a probe for studying DNA-protein interactions.It is now demanding damages for the use of seeds that they swear they never sowed.The board room is for the use of company executives only.I could find no pattern for the use of verse and prose in Los amantes de Teruel.Here, too, to qualify for reimbursements for the use of listed property four elements must be substantiated: 1.We are left with a picture of general support for the use of signing.Chemistry in Britain thanks Tripos for the use of the illustration on the cover of this Supplement.
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