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for (the) want of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor (the) want of somethingfor (the) want of somethingEXACTused to say that you do not have or cannot find what you need in a particular situation The gallery closed down for want of funding. want
Examples from the Corpus
for (the) want of somethingJust horses and ploughs and, for want of a better word, peasants.What had begun with good will was atrophying for the want of language to nourish it.The appeal of the petitioner in this case must be dismissed for want of jurisdiction.He had been imprisoned for want of bail.These tenements are barely fit to live among, never mind to starve in, for want of the extra rent.It is not for want of encouragement.He was allowed to creep back into power for want of a credible alternative.Talks were resumed last week and then recessed for want of an agreement.
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