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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforbadefor‧bade /fəˈbæd, -ˈbeɪd $ fər-/ verb  the past tense of forbid
Examples from the Corpus
forbadeBush custom forbade anyone listening in on one of these conversations or interfering with the servants' duties.Since convening in January 1995, the House has voted for amendments that required a balanced federal budget and forbade flag desecration.Whereas he, Auguste modesty forbade him to continue the thought.Constanze, thoroughly alarmed, forbade him to do any more work on the Requiem until his health improved.It was a law enacted in 1907 that forbade political contributions from corporate funds.Ottoman law required them to live separately in their own quarter of the town, and forbade their priests to proselytise.According to legend they were young lovers whom the druids forbade to marry.
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