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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforbiddenfor‧bid‧den /fəˈbɪdn $ fər-/ adjective  1 FORBIDnot allowed, especially because of an official rulebannedit is forbidden (to do something) It is forbidden to smoke at school.be strictly/expressly/absolutely etc forbidden Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia.2 FORBIDa forbidden place is one that you are not allowed to go toforbidden to The Great Mosque is forbidden to Christians.3 FORBIDEXCITEDa forbidden activity, subject etc is one that people think that you should not do, talk about etc syn taboo Sex was always a forbidden topic.forbidden fruit (=something that you should not have, but that you want) Forbidden fruit is always more attractive.
Examples from the Corpus
forbiddenInjunctions were issued and some of the unions instructed their members to stop the forbidden activities.The only sour note was the electrified fence that marked the forbidden border zone.Alcohol is forbidden in the dormitories.This is a desperate comment on the forbidden nature of tears.Together you can return to us from the frozen forbidden place.He knew its sounds and smells, its forbidden places and inky-black corners.I was curious about the forbidden pleasures of the city.This is the body that, supposedly protecting state secrets, issues lists of forbidden subjects.The Great Mosque is forbidden to Christians.Any car that does enter such a forbidden zone will lose all power, and remain until the traffic-warden arrives.be strictly/expressly/absolutely etc forbiddenAny social contact with Silly-Willie was strictly forbidden.He had found the porter visiting the superintendent nurse in her room, a form of social exchange that was strictly forbidden.Violent shaking or other gross indignities are expressly forbidden.Short hair is strictly forbidden for me not only because of my culture, but because of my lesbianism.In some cultures eye contact between men and women is strictly forbidden outside the immediate family.They were expressly forbidden to engage in any other activities, of course.forbidden fruitThe ads tempt children to smoke - it's a forbidden fruit.A challenging language, carrying with it the sweet allure of forbidden fruit.She still did lip service to the old ways, while herself nibbling away at forbidden fruit.Which for Rose increased the appeal of forbidden fruit.Thus they assumed all the glamour and promise that forbidden fruit always holds.They had eaten of the forbidden fruit of knowledge and had been cast out of paradise.In Bogota, they discovered that once they could enjoy the forbidden fruit, they lost their appetite.
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