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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforbiddingfor‧bid‧ding /fəˈbɪdɪŋ $ fər-/ adjective  UNFRIENDLYhaving a frightening or unfriendly appearanceforbidding place/land/landscape etc We sailed past the island’s rather dark and forbidding cliffs. His face was forbidding, even hostile.see thesaurus at unfriendlyforbiddingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
forbiddingThe wood-panelled den looked dark and forbidding.The main tower of the fortress is nine storeys high and even today looks forbidding.The trees seemed taller and closer together; the spaces between them darker and more forbidding.Uncle Fred was an austere and impressive figure, whom some people found forbidding.At first when you enter, the church seems forbidding and rather a muddle.The mountains looked more forbidding as we got closer.The school was a large, rather forbidding building.To their left was the long forbidding wood with its tangle of trees and stubborn defenders.forbidding place/land/landscape etcAfter the meadows they had left, this was a strange, forbidding land.No animals moved on this forbidding land.For me a town was a mysterious, rather forbidding place and I was afraid that I would feel very much alone.She certainly wasn't in this forbidding place by choice.We are keenly aware that a University can seem a large and forbidding place to those on the outside.
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