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force your way through/into etc something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforce your way through/into etc somethingforce your way through/into etc something (also force your way in/out/past etc)PUSH to push very hard in order to get somewhere The doctor forced his way through the crowd. Demonstrators forced their way past. force
Examples from the Corpus
force your way through/into etc somethingBurglars strike: Intruders forced their way into a house which was being renovated.He'd schooled himself to ruthlessness, single-mindedly forcing his way through the jungle, hacking at anything in his path.He has recovered from a nightmare pelvic injury and is now forcing his way into Roker's Wembley plans.Jezrael could feel stupid tears forcing their way through her control.Smitty went first, forcing his way through the branches that closed in on the trail.The thieves have been forcing their way into the homes of elderly people, holding them down while searching for their savings.Then Huddersfield rallied, and the fiery centre-forward Islip forced his way through to beat the tiring Burnley defenders.
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