2 verb
force2 S2 W1 [transitive]

make somebody do something

to make someone do something they do not want to do [↪ persuade]
force somebody/yourself to do something
Government troops have forced the rebels to surrender.
Due to the high cost of borrowing, many companies have been forced to close.
I had to force myself to get up this morning.
force somebody/something into (doing) something
women who are forced into arranged marriages
Bad health forced him into taking early retirement.

make somebody/something move

[always + adverb/preposition] to make someone or something move in a particular direction or into a different position, especially through or using great strength [= push]:
Westerly gales forced the ship off course.
Firemen entering the building were forced back by flames.
She tried to keep the door shut but the man forced it open.

force your way through/into etc something

also force your way in/out/past etc to push very hard in order to get somewhere:
The doctor forced his way through the crowd.
Demonstrators forced their way past.

make something happen

to make something happen or change, especially more quickly than planned or expected:
the unfortunate events that forced his resignation
We need to force the pace on alternative energy policies.
force prices/interest rates etc down/up
The effect will be to increase unemployment and force down wages.

force a door/lock/window

to open a door etc using physical strength, often causing damage:
I forced the lock on the cupboard to see what was inside.

force the issue

to do something that makes it necessary for someone to make decisions or take action, instead of waiting to see what happens:
Polly decided to force the issue by demanding an explanation.

force somebody's hand

to make someone do something unwillingly or earlier than they had intended:
They're reluctant to sell the house yet but the right offer could force their hand.

force a smile/laugh etc

to make yourself smile, laugh etc even though you feel upset or annoyed

force something ↔ back

phrasal verb
to stop yourself from showing that you are upset or frightened, especially with difficulty:
Janet forced back her tears.

force something ↔ down

phrasal verb
1DF to make yourself eat or drink something, although you do not want it:
I forced down a piece of stale bread.
2TTA to make a plane land by threatening to attack it:
The hijacked plane was forced down by military jets.

force something on/upon somebody

phrasal verb
to make someone do or accept something even though they do not want to:
It's no good trying to force a diet on someone.
people who try to force their own views on you

force something ↔ out of somebody

phrasal verb
to make someone tell you something by asking them many times, threatening them etc:
I wasn't going to tell Matt but he forced it out of me.

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