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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforcedforced /fɔːst $ fɔːrst/ adjective  1 WILLINGa forced smile, laugh etc is not natural or sincere ‘Oh, hello, ’ said Eileen, with forced brightness.2 FORCE somebody TO DO something[only before noun] done suddenly and quickly because the situation makes it necessary, not because it was planned or wanted The plane had to make a forced landing in a field. the forced repatriation of thousands of refugees
Examples from the Corpus
forcedIt can be used as a forced air convection oven alone - forced air being faster than conventional static hot air.The forced camaraderie and freedom from normal constraints may have its attractions.The pilot saw a field ahead and slightly left of the aircraft which he considered the best forced landing area.The plane had to make a forced landing in a field.The applause seemed forced rather than appreciative.forced repatriationMore than 13,000 boat people in three Hong Kong detention camps demonstrated against forced repatriation on Nov. 11-12.