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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforciblyfor‧ci‧bly /ˈfɔːsəbli $ ˈfɔːrs-/ adverb  1 using physical force The police threatened to have protestors forcibly removed.2 in a way that has a strong clear effect syn powerfully The case was forcibly put by the speaker.
Examples from the Corpus
forciblyVoices buzzed, then rose in laughter or to make a point more forcibly.Members of a breakaway group who blocked traffic in University Square the same evening were forcibly dispersed by police.Smith showed that water was forcibly ejected from the mouth when the gill covers were squeezed suddenly.The second way of life is based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority.The police threatened to forcibly remove the protesters.The university authorities did not wish to provoke the students by forcibly removing the posters.Instead, it has rightly be forcibly restored to being a surprise element.At once both prisoners were made forcibly to kneel and lower their heads.This patient was bound to be extremely distressed at finding that a male doctor had forcibly touched her intimately.forcibly removedThey were forcibly removed by the National Guard a week later.Why had that doctor and priest not forcibly removed Cormac and Kathleen?He was roughly handled by the mob and forcibly removed from the town.The contents were immediately consigned to the rubbish tip and the girl forcibly removed in the direction of the bath huts.I forcibly removed the finger, almost having to break it in the process.
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