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forearmfore‧arm /ˈfɔːrɑːm $ -ɑːrm/ noun [countable]  HBHthe lower part of the arm, between the hand and the elbow
Examples from the Corpus
forearmHe seemed all forearms and pectorals and husky silence.And the only employee I could see was an older guy with tattoos on both forearms who was stocking shelves.His biceps bulged; the long muscles in his forearm popping.He has a heart tattooed on his left hand and the initial F on his left forearm.His reminder of her is the tattoo on his left forearm.Left forearm rotation is one of the keys to a good takeaway.He flexed his hand and stroked a talon across his own forearm.Already your forearms are beginning to ache, and your upper arms crush your ribs.
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