Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: forein, from Latin foris 'outside'


for‧eign S3 W1
1 from or relating to a country that is not your own:
foreign students
Can you speak any foreign languages?
the success of foreign companies in various industries
I thought she sounded foreign.
transactions in foreign currencies
2 [only before noun] involving or dealing with other countries [≠ domestic]:
foreign investment/trade etc
Foreign competition provides consumers with a greater variety of goods.
our budget for foreign aid (=financial help to countries in need)
the Chinese Foreign Minister

be foreign to somebody

a) to seem strange to someone as the result of not being known or understood [= be alien to somebody]:
The language of finance is quite foreign to me.
b) to be not typical of someone's usual character:
Aggression is completely foreign to his nature.

foreign body/matter/object

formal a piece of dirt, glass, or other material that has got inside something, especially someone's body, and that should not be there:
cells that are designed to attack and destroy foreign bodies
foreignness noun [uncountable]

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