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foreign body/matter/object

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeign body/matter/objectforeign body/matter/objectformalDIFFERENT a piece of dirt, glass, or other material that has got inside something, especially someone’s body, and that should not be there cells that are designed to attack and destroy foreign bodies foreign
Examples from the Corpus
foreign body/matter/objectTell everyone to watch out for a foreign body?The resulting pellets are termed Type 90 reflecting the high percentage of hop material present compared to water and foreign matters.We describe two cases of accidental aspiration of a foreign body after use of a metered dose inhaler.Lombardy was stopped and arrested on suspicion of rape by force; rape with a foreign object and false imprisonment.Even for the last remaining superpower, domestic issues, not foreign matters, dominate national elections.A group of prisoners was carefully picking foreign bodies from a mound of rice before cooking.Make sure you remove all foreign matter from the wound.Eyes inflamed from trauma or after foreign bodies have been removed.Nothing but the thrill of seeing your name in print, alongside your gut-wrenching tale of finding foreign objects in your food.
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