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foreign exchange

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foreign exchangeˌforeign exˈchange noun  1 PEC[uncountable] used to talk about buying and selling foreign moneyforeign exchange markets/rates/transactions etc The dollar is expected to fall in the foreign exchange markets.2 PEC[uncountable] foreign money, especially money obtained by selling goods to a foreign country foreign exchange earned through exports3 (also exchange) [countable] an arrangement through which a student exchanges homes, schools etc with a student from another country for a particular length of time, especially in order to learn a language The school organizes a foreign exchange to France.
Examples from the Corpus
foreign exchangeThe simple addition of a foreign exchange facility to the agreement will provide funds in a wide variety of foreign currencies.The reader might wonder what constitutes foreign exchange.The auction market in foreign exchange involves trading in futures contracts.Notable examples include foreign exchange and financial markets, technology and demography.The resulting trade deficit and shortage of incoming foreign exchange added to the country's balance-of-payments problem.These have grown enormously in recent years, especially since the abolition of foreign exchange controls in 1979.Coffee is a valuable source of foreign exchange for Uganda.The first concerns the best method of allocating the scarce foreign exchange currently available.The bank accepts the foreign exchange risk exposure.The foreign exchange markets reacted quickly to the cut in German interest rates.foreign exchange markets/rates/transactions etcThe international banking community was so nervous that for a while no forward foreign exchange markets operated properly anywhere.Given the number of short euro positions in the foreign exchange markets, that might have the desired effect.In practice, that would have to be about the level at which sterling was trading in the foreign exchange markets.Dealers on the foreign exchange markets were also hedging their bets and the pound was also on ice.Both importers and exporters undertake their foreign exchange transactions near their home offices in Great Britain. 3.
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