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forelegfore‧leg /ˈfɔːleɡ $ ˈfɔːr-/ noun [countable]  HBAone of the two front legs of an animal with four legs
Examples from the Corpus
forelegMandarin lost several lengths and - much worse - he had broken down in the tendons of one of his forelegs.Small circles of bone identify foreleg and round.Blazer's forelegs cut through the air almost with grace as if he were swimming.A sweep from the cheetah's foreleg trips it.Mutton carcasses have spool joints at the foreleg, dark and coarse flesh.The designation of lamb versus yearling mutton is based on the condition of the break between the foreleg and the feet.Some cooks find the forelegs of the rabbit too small for cooking and use them instead for making stocks.The hind legs have to mark time while the forelegs cross over, making the outer ring of a wheel.
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