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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforemostfore‧most /ˈfɔːməʊst $ ˈfɔːrmoʊst/ ●○○ adjective  1 IMPORTANTthe best or most important syn leading, top one of the country’s foremost authorities on chemical warfare Rostropovich was long considered the world’s foremost cellist.2 in a leading position among a group of people or thingsforemost among/amongst Sharpton was foremost among the protesters. Economic concerns are foremost on many voters’ minds. first and foremost at first2(10)
Examples from the Corpus
foremostThe National Childbirth Trust, formed in 1956, is Britain's foremost charity concerned with education for parenthood.Unlike these cities, Dublin is thought of first and foremost for its literary heritage, rather than for its art.First and foremost in importance to the structure were the bishops.The displays cover the growth and development of one of Britain's foremost medieval strongholds under its succession of powerful castellans.Economic concerns are foremost on many voters' minds.foremost authoritiesNo, says psychologist Lenore Walker, one of the foremost authorities in wife abuse research.foremost among/amongstThe defeat of inflation - a permanent, unrelenting crusade - has to be foremost among any wise Government's objectives.Some states, Massachusetts foremost among them, have made a special effort to create women-only alcohol treatment programs.Now 32 carriers are flying into Tegel Airport, foremost among them Lufthansa, which was founded in Berlin in 1926.No one doubts the seriousness of the problems Mr Major must address, the recession foremost among them.Probably foremost among these considerations are the laws of both the Anglican and Catholic churches on marital dissolution.
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