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forensicfo‧ren‧sic /fəˈrensɪk, -zɪk/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  SCrelating to the scientific methods used for finding out about a crimeforensic evidence/science/medicine etc Forensic experts found traces of blood in the car. a career in forensic science a forensic pathologist
Examples from the Corpus
forensicFirst on the witness stand was Neill Freeman, a forensic accountant who traces assets in legal disputes.Some specialize in forensic accounting investigating and interpreting bankruptcies and other complex financial transactions.He misses the camaraderie of the Bar and the exhilaration of forensic battle in the exalted courts.Forensic evidence showed that the woman had been raped before being murdered.a forensic expertEarlier this morning Home Office forensic experts were called in as the police believed they may be dealing with a murder investigation.The office run by Oxfordshire county council was closed to the public while police carried out forensic investigations.When she'd first qualified in forensic medicine he'd been a young sergeant.Two forensic pathologists Mister Gleason has scheduled for our entertainment here.DNA tests have revolutionized forensic science.Some of the most famous forensic scientists have started that way, he said.a politician's forensic skillforensic evidence/science/medicine etcTiem and weather had worn away any forensic evidence.In September 1990 a Home Office review concluded that there was no forensic evidence against the six.When she'd first qualified in forensic medicine he'd been a young sergeant.Gore then devised a plan to burn down the house, destroying any forensic evidence he might have left behind.In high spirits, his father was talking about the immense advances made in forensic science in recent years.Miss Clare Reggiori, prosecuting, applied for a four-week remand in custody, saying forensic evidence needed to be examined.There was no forensic evidence to link Mr Nichol to the attack.They were taken to a mobile forensic science unit at Severomorsk naval base, but so far only Kolesnikov has been named.
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