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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeseeablefore‧see‧a‧ble /fɔːˈsiːəbəl $ fɔːr-/ adjective  1 for/in the foreseeable future2 in the foreseeable future3 FUTUREforeseeable difficulties, events etc should be planned for because they are very likely to happen in the future The judge found that it was not foreseeable that the fuel would catch fire. foreseeable risk
Examples from the Corpus
foreseeableIn discussing this question, an Illinois court observed that hindsight makes every event foreseeable.Some property damage was foreseeable and the fact that it was more extensive than might have been foreseen did not matter.Your insurance policy should take into account all foreseeable circumstances.In Britain for the foreseeable future the ultimate purchaser of 80% or more of health care will continue to be the Treasury.To push them on decommissioning would be to remove any chance of it happening in the foreseeable future.There will not be any redundancies in the foreseeable future.A General Council of all the Churches does not seem to be a realistic possibility in the foreseeable future.Due to rising costs and delays in the delivery of equipment, losses are already foreseeable on the new tunnel project.Employers must be told in advance when a leave of absence is foreseeable - such as for the birth of a baby.They created a duty of care imposed on builders and owed to foreseeable victims of their negligence.
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