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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeshortenedfore‧short‧ened /fɔːˈʃɔːtnd $ fɔːrˈʃɔːrtnd/ adjective formal  1 SMALLNEARobjects, places etc that are foreshortened appear to be smaller, shorter, or closer together than they really are Viewed from high up, their bodies were oddly foreshortened.2 ended before the usual or expected time a foreshortened careerforeshorten verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
foreshortenedViewed from so high up, their bodies were foreshortened and hidden by the faces in front.Seen from the road, the mountain is greatly foreshortened and its true proportions are best appreciated from a distance.The logo, a life study of a foreshortened figure, represents an ideal of development.Writer and educator George Leonard has described some of the dangers of a foreshortened perspective on time.Delaney focussed in on the waves piling up tightly one behind the other, like a huge wall in the foreshortened view.
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