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foresterfor‧est‧er /ˈfɒrɪstə $ ˈfɔːrəstər, ˈfɑː-/ noun [countable]  TAFsomeone who works in a forest taking care of, planting, and cutting down the trees
Examples from the Corpus
foresterBut his woods look as beautiful as any tended by a forester with a postgraduate degree from Yale.Dad used to get his hazel twigs from a forester at Winterslow who knew exactly when they should be cut.Some good foresters were at present obtaining 60% of their income from the sale of timber so there was room for better management.Ironically, he is also patron of foresters.That includes about 43,000 hectares of replanting and 56,000 hectares of new planting by both private foresters and Forest Enterprise.I am a retired forester and in September will be 70 years old.Some would find work with the foresters cutting down the trees.
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