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forgerforg‧er /ˈfɔːdʒə $ ˈfɔːrdʒər/ noun [countable]  SCCCOPYsomeone who illegally copies documents, money, paintings etc and tries to make people think they are real
Examples from the Corpus
forgerName of a magnificent name, he was a forger and a beautiful one.Perhaps the most notorious was a forger.They're all forgeries of course, nearly all done by the Master forger Tom Keating.Instead, they got Richards to acknowledge that a motivated forger with advanced technology could fool even veteran photo analysts.They were done by that forger Elmyr de Hory who lived on Ibiza.After lengthy legal proceedings the forged will was declared void in 1989 and the forgers duly punished.If the forger tries to write quickly and naturally he loses accuracy.Then, too, the forger will not find it easy to come across the right paper.
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