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forget it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforget itforget ita) UNIMPORTANTused to tell someone that something is not important and they do not need to worry about it ‘Sorry I didn’t phone.’ ‘Forget it.’ b) TALK TO somebodySTOP DOING somethingused to tell someone to stop asking or talking about something, because it is annoying you I’m not coming with you, so forget it. c) REFUSEIMPOSSIBLE (also forget that! American English) used to tell someone that you refuse to do something or that it will be impossible to do something ‘Can you lend me $10.’ ‘Forget it, no way.’ If you’re thinking of getting Roy to help, you can forget it! d) REPEAT#used when someone asks you what you just said and you do not want to repeat it ‘What did you say?’ ‘ Nothing, just forget it.’ forget
Examples from the Corpus
forget it"Here, let me pay you back." "No, just forget it."Now, how could we ever have forgotten it?Who that saw that day will ever forget it!"What'd you say?" "Nothing, just forget it."As for the idea of going on holiday together, forget it!I'm not buying you that bike, so just forget it.But if you're thinking of driving, forget it.I just try to forget it all now, but I might have to go back.Musically - forget it, but the spot effects are great and make up for the poor acoustic tones.If you're in a bad mood, forget it ; don't try and train your dog then."I feel so bad about upsetting your plans.'' "Oh, forget it. it really doesn't matter.''What happens before disaster strikes and long after journalists have forgotten it matters even more than rescue and relief.You humans seem to forget it's you that have all the fun.She forgot it was midnight and this was a respectable couple.
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