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forget-me-notforˈget-me-ˌnot noun [countable]  DLGHBPa small plant with pale blue flowers
Examples from the Corpus
forget-me-notSome flowers intensify their colours towards the centre or introduce another shade altogether - forget-me-nots, hollyhocks, bindweed.Special Amnesty forget-me-not badges were worn to commemorate all the prisoners on whose behalf Amnest was founded.Other water-loving species turned up here from time to time also - Mimulus and forget-me-not and Water Speedwell.Just like the familiar bedding forget-me-not, but perennial and with softer hairless leaves.There were certainly forget-me-nots, violets, white wood anemones, huge numbers of dandelions and some buttercups.The leaves are small sprays of silverweed, interspersed with little stems of forget-me-not.Far left: Patricia uses a pot of sugar-pink azaleas to complement the garden's perennial forget-me-nots.The other picture also has silverweed leaves, with forget-me-nots, potentillas, hydrangeas and daisies.
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