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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforgettablefor‧get‧ta‧ble /fəˈɡetəbəl $ fər-/ adjective  BORINGnot very interesting or good – often used humorously opp unforgettable He’d had a role in one or two forgettable movies.
Examples from the Corpus
forgettableHe was of medium height, and had regular, even features of the kind which are instantly forgettable.He'd played in some eminently forgettable horror movies and I felt I could not seriously consider him.a completely forgettable movieHowever, that morning Agnes intended to be neither forgettable nor invisible.But being forgettable was part of her job; a jigsaw piece that fitted invisibly into any puzzle.But that was 1995, a lamentable and hopefully forgettable year for him.
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