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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforgivablefor‧giv‧a‧ble /fəˈɡɪvəbəl $ fər-/ adjective  FORGIVEif something bad is forgivable, you can understand how it happened and you can easily forgive it opp unforgivable It was an easily forgivable mistake.
Examples from the Corpus
forgivableAnd I reckon the odd lapse is forgivable.That, given that only forty years have passed, may be forgivable.When, in November, it blessed the use of force to achieve this goal, the fanfare was forgivable.They became less and less forgivable as time cooled the heat of the moments in which they had been spoken.I thought it was forgivable, egocentric but forgivable.These are a few forgivable flaws in an otherwise important novel.Less forgivable is the attitude taken by some museums who are frightened of the consequences of having their collection screened.That might have been forgivable while Maurice was alive.
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