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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforgivenessfor‧give‧ness /fəˈɡɪvnəs $ fər-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  FORGIVEwhen someone forgives another personabsolutionask/beg/pray etc for (somebody’s) forgiveness He never admitted his guilt or asked for forgiveness.
Examples from the Corpus
forgivenessEven in the right a man can offend past any forgiveness.The cry for forgiveness was also the cry for inward healing and deliverance from the mental and physical effects of sin.He doesn't think anybody has ever asked him for forgiveness either.A baby born out of wedlock was a horrible sin for which there was no forgiveness.If you came up here seeking some sort of forgiveness from me you can forget it.O Tess, forgiveness does not apply to the case!But this forgiveness, when I felt guilty myself, who was I forgiving?ask/beg/pray etc for (somebody’s) forgivenessHe was ashamed to be asked for forgiveness, when it was not a matter of that.He blamed me for not submitting to my husband and said that my husband would change because he had asked for forgiveness.It was a terrible sin, she said: which means we've got to pray for forgiveness.
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