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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforgottenfor‧got‧ten1 /fəˈɡɒtn $ fərˈɡɑːtn/ verb  FORGETthe past participle of forget
Examples from the Corpus
forgottenNew wallpaper, new furniture, new window frames ... the past is forgotten.Paul strode towards the parlour, his misery forgotten.And to my surprise Sam said he had forgotten all about it.Ah... everyone would be forgotten, even Goethe, if the earth should chance to collide with a comet.He had forgotten to sign for them at Tansonhut.They had conveniently forgotten to tell me I had to carry out my punishment holding the glass in my left hand.But he commented that he has never forgotten what she said.
forgottenforgotten2 adjective [usually before noun]  DFUthat people have forgotten about or do not pay much attention to a forgotten corner of the churchyard
Examples from the Corpus
forgottenReplace those paperbacks and forgotten bestsellers with leather-bound classics!In the living room, a forgotten glass half-full of wine.Another forgotten instrument in those days.Rural California is definitely the forgotten part of the state.There are many other forgotten sections in the library.But for the forgotten victims - the wives - there is little official recognition, let alone pressure for reform.Collegiality seemed now once more a forgotten word.