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form (a) part of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishform (a) part of somethingform (a) part of somethingPARTto be one of the things that make up something larger or more important Practical work forms an integral part of the course. part
Examples from the Corpus
form (a) part of somethingThe remainder of the canal also forms part of the course of the Birmingham Century Marathon.In such meetings the deep structures rise to the surface and form part of the main agenda.This book forms part of a Thames & Hudson series, Masters of Art.Software can form part of an organisation's assets, but may need continual adaptation and enhancement in order to keep it effective.Here it forms part of a longer account of man's history from his creation, as in Genesis.They will merely form part of the background.Objectives form part of the technology of the teaching process.
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