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form/mode/style of address

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishform/mode/style of addressform/mode/style of addressTALK TO somebodythe correct title or name that you should use when speaking or writing to someone address
Examples from the Corpus
form/mode/style of addressSeating arrangements at conferences, forms of address and other issues of this kind remained a continual source of potential difficulty.Even in a formal business letter you should use a personal and human form of address.Besides that, he used the intimate form of address, tum.He stuttered nervously before managing to answer herand when he did, he used the masculine form of address.The effect of this intense focus on modes of address is that personal pronouns become unusually prominent.Both were perceived as amoral sources of power which responded more or less predictably to specific modes of address.Without the royal family, titles would be just that - forms of address for the self-important to dignify themselves.The patient should be told of the mode of address used in that particular hospital for professional staff.
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