2 verb
form2 S1 W1


[transitive] to establish an organization, committee, government etc:
The winning party will form the government.
CARE was formed in 1946 and helps the poor in 38 countries.

be part of something

[linking verb] to be the thing, or one of the things, that is part of something else, often having a particular use:
Love and trust should form the basis of a marriage.
The project forms part of a larger project investigating the history of the cinema.
The river formed a natural boundary between the two countries.

start to exist

[intransitive,transitive ] to start to exist, or make something start to exist, especially as the result of a natural process:
The rocks were formed more than 4000 million years ago.
By midnight ice was already forming on the roads.
Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine to form acid rain.


[transitive] to make something by combining two or more parts:
In English the past tense of a verb is usually formed by adding 'ed'.


[intransitive and transitive] to come together in a particular shape or line, or to make something have a particular shape [= make]:
Film-goers began to form a line outside the cinema.
Cut off the corners of the square to form a diamond.


[transitive] to establish and develop a relationship with someone:
She seemed incapable of forming any relationships.
On returning to Boston, she formed a close friendship with her aunt.

form an opinion/impression/idea

to use available information to develop or reach an opinion or idea:
She formed the opinion that one of the pupils was bullying the other.


[transitive] to have a strong influence on how someone's character develops and the type of person they become [= mould]:
Events in early childhood often help to form our personalities in later life.

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