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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishformerlyfor‧mer‧ly /ˈfɔːməli $ ˈfɔːrmərli/ ●●○ adverb  PASTin earlier times syn previously Kiribati, formerly known as the Gilbert Islands This elegant hotel was formerly a castle.
Examples from the Corpus
formerlyThe Triton inn was formerly a coaching inn, and is still providing meals and accommodation.Churkin, 43, was formerly a deputy foreign minister.Milligan, 43, was formerly a deputy foreign minister.The local school was formerly a hospital.Puppies that could formerly avoid electric shocks, were unable to perform the avoidance responses after several months of isolation-rearing.Forty-fifth to Fifty-sixth Streets, formerly dead ends at railway yards, became thoroughfares.Watkins was formerly editor of the Express, a local weekly newspaper.He also gathered together nearly all the drawings formerly in his father's collection in order to present them to the public.Clark County's major employer is Navistar International, formerly International Harvester Co.Peru was formerly ruled by the Spanish.Linnaeus himself retained a dispersal of all species from a single mountain, formerly surrounded by sea.Participating mortgages, formerly thought to be unenforceable, can now be used.formerly known asCoberley Mill, formerly known as Cubberly, nestles deep in the valley, close to the village church.Prince, and the artist formerly known as, has long blurred the lines between divinity and getting down."Voyagers" is a 70-year-old program formerly known as "Indian Guides".
From Longman Business Dictionaryformerlyfor‧mer‧ly /ˈfɔːməliˈfɔːrmərli/ adverb in the pastShe was formerly the company’s chief financial officer.
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