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formlessform‧less /ˈfɔːmləs $ ˈfɔːrm-/ adjective  CFwithout a definite shape To the listener, this music is incoherent and formless. formless horrors that await you in the fogformlessly adverbformlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
formlessTo the listener, such music is incoherent and formless.She'd feel safer trapped in a cave, with some dark formless danger lurking in the shadows.They are only limited reflections of formless matter that never completely yields to conceptualization through the senses.The head, by contrast, is obliterated by formless, meandering lines.Early myths described the Primal Being as a nameless, formless power.No answer, only formless rage, and a fierce longing.It whirled by in a blur of faceless people and formless surroundings.He was afraid of nameless, formless things that haunted his brain like the Furies.Sound advice for a formless time.
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