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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforthforth /fɔːθ $ fɔːrθ/ ●○○ adverb  1 and so forth2 [only after verb] formalFORWARDOUT/OUTSIDE going out from a place or point, and moving forwards or outwards The house was still burning, pouring forth thick black smoke. back and forth at back1(11), → hold forth at hold1, → put forth at put, → sally forth at sally2, → set forth at set1
Examples from the Corpus
forthAfter a sleepless night Stavrogin sets forth.What horrors will it bring forth?To switch back and forth between the two documents, press Shift-F3.Men passed back and forth from the rank and file.More bullets spattered the front of the cottage, drilling lines back and forth in the stonework.They marched forth into battle.She hovered back and forth just barely above the ground, often returning to the same area again and again.They created an egg from which came forth the sun, who fashioned mankind and gave order to the world.He is champion of the sceptics, and he sallies forth with his banners flying.
Forth, thethe ForthForth, the  a river in southern central Scotland which flows into the firth of Forth and the North Sea
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